Why should I use self storage
Self storage is used by many people for many reasons, you may have sold your house and purchased a new one, but moving from the old house to the new one does not coincide, self storage is the ideal solution while you are waiting to take possession of your new home. You may have a temporary say 1 year job interstate or overseas and may want to rent out your home unfurnished while you are away, self storage again would be a perfect solution to store your belongings while you rent your home out. You may have belongings that you use occasionally but no room to store while you are not using them. You may have a collection of valuable items, that you need to store.

Self storage for Business

Self storage is ideal for the business that needs extra room for stock, for instant seasonal increases such as at Christmas time, additional storage requirements for a large job or similar, self storage is usually cheaper than paying for larger commercial premises.

Self storage how does it work?

In effect self storage is not much different to leasing any premises, you store your belongings you have the keys, you can access the premises and add or remove any item any time, during the storage centers opening time.
The benefit is that although you pay a fee or rental as you would with a commercial premises or house, this fee is usually less and everything is secure and protected.

Will anyone else know what I store?

Your privacy is protected, we do not know what you store.

Can  I Store anything or are there restrictions on what I can store?

You can just about store anything, books, furniture, stock, office equipment, you name it you can store it, however there are a few exclusions such as flammable and hazardous goods.

How big an area do I Need?

There are several factors to consider, do you need to be able to access the stored items, or do you only need to get them out after a certain period of time, if you need access uyou will need to allow for room to  be able to get in and out with goods, which means a larger area  than if you can fill the whole space goods. What will it cost me to store?
How much it costs depends on the size of space you require, we will be happy to quote you.

Do you carry Insurance for my items?

NO we do not insure your goods, as with any other premises that you rent or lease you are responsible for your own insurance, the Self Storage Association of Australia recommends you insure your goods, you may also find that your household or business insurance policy covers your goods whilst in storage, check your policy.

Is Storage safe are my goods safe?

We take every possible care of the premises, including monitored security and fire alarms, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that unforeseen accidental loss may occur or even deliberate acts of damage could happen, we strongly recommend you insure against every loss..