Storage Advice

Self storage advice hints and tips

Advice to save you making mistakes with storage, time and money.
We can supply proper packaging materials for you.

Using packing materials that are designed to store items properly such as Cartons, Porta Robes, Paper, Tape, Bubble-wrap and Plastic covers will make sure that everything  you store remains in good condition while your goods are in storage. We have available a large variety of suitable packaging materials at our office.

Make sure you fill cartons all  the way;  cartons That are partly filled could tip or collapse. Books and heavy items like  tools should be packed in smaller cartons which makes them easier to handle. it is a good idea to pack books  flat, not on their spines. Sorting and labeling your goods room by room will make it easier when you are moving and unpacking, it also ensures that should you require to get an item you have some idea of which box it may be in.

If you are stacking boxes make sure the heavier boxes are at the bottom.

White goods appliances

White goods such as fridges and freezers, should always be emptied and cleaned, doors should be left open a little bit and a deodorizer should also be used, do not stack things inside them as they are easily damaged


To ensure your furniture is not damaged empty the contents of drawers  wardrobes and cupboards, remove legs from furniture such as beds and tables, they will take up less room and less damage will occur. Vacuum all your lounges etc. to make sure no breadcrumbs and other food scraps are  left behind and no vermin is attracted.

Clothing should be stored in items like porta robes and strong cartons mothballs should also be added to prevent damage.

Crockery, Glassware and fragile items

Always ensure that  you packed and protected these with packing paper or bubble wrap, make sure you fill any empty spaces with wrapping paper or bubble wrap. ( footnote: newsprint can leave black marks, plain paper is better)

Glass, Paintings, Mirrors

Protect these by using bubble wrap, and packing them in sturdy cartons stand them upright and don’t stack anything on top

Silver and other metal items

Wipe cast iron and other items with a little machine oil, this prevents rusting and prevents dust from adhering, wrap silver in Acid free wrapping paper to prevent tarnishing.

Household electrical items

Today’s electrical equipment is delicate and sensitive and should be handled with care, it should be kept dry and never stored with anything that may emit moisture. Although the original boxes are ideal to repack your electrical equipment in, wrapping your electrical equipment in  bubblewrap, then packing them in sturdy cartons, and ensuring the boxes are well sealed with all gaps packed out will give good protection for your electrical items.


Records should be stored on their edges, tightly packed together with no gaps so as to avoid warping.

Appliances, tools and battery operated equipment

It is recommended that you remove all batteries from all equipment, as batteries can leak and damage your equipment, store batteries separately in a leak and acid proof container.


Computers are very sensitive to moisture and shock, pack them as you would your other electrical equipment, if storing for a long time remove the  back up batteries, ensure they have good protection from shock as the heads in the hard drives are very sensitive to shock.

lawn mowers/edger, petrol driven machinery

Petrol and oil are a fire hazard and can explode, we recommend you drain all fuel, so as to avoid the fire hazard and risk of explosion, fuel can also leak and cause damage to your other stored items, do not store any fuel cans as this is one of the prohibited items, full or empty. Plan your storage space for the way you intend to use it.

If you need access to your stored items, allow additional room so you can walk between your stored items, store heavier items low and not on top of lighter more fragile items, mark your boxes properly and stack them so you can read what is in your boxes, stack items you would not need access to at the back of your storage area and those that you would need the most access to at the front, use solid boxes for packaging so as the boxes do not crumple and bulge, if you need to unpack boxes in the storage area frequently allow  wnough room for a work area.

Moving checklist

Ensure you arrange for the disconnection of your, power, gas, water and internet connections, cancel your newspaper and other regular deliveries, remember you are still liable for these bills if you have not organized disconnections and deliveries.

Advise all other organizations of your new address such as Insurance companies, banks, social security, superannuation, share brokers, taxation office, electoral office and other organizations, it is a good idea even if you think you have advised everyone to arrange mail redirections for a few months so that you get important mail if you have missed someone, arrange your email to go to a new account if you have cancelled your internet connection, as in most instances when you have cancelled your internet connection you also loose your email account,  if you do not have a new internet connection, use a publicly accessible email address such as hotmail or yahoo mail temporarily.

Our storage agreement

We use the Self Storage Association of Australasia Standard Storage Agreement The agreement between you the storer and us the facility owner is an important document, make sure you read it thoroughly prior to signing and you understand all the terms and conditions, the agreement is designed to protect both you and us, if you are unsure about any of the terms and conditions of the agreement ask us to clarify them before signing it.

What am I not allowed to store

Hazardous materials, such as paint, petrol, acids, chlorine and explosive materials, illegal and stolen goods, perishable goods, goods that attract vermin, livestock such as pets and other  item that may be harmful to persons or property.

Other Helpful Hints and Tips

Familiarize yourself with your storage area, make a list of everything you need before packing your goods, make sure you get the right size storage unit,

Make a list of the packing materials you will need such as boxes, packing materials, tape, ropes, packing paper bubble wrap, ropes to tie up awkward items.

Dismantle bed frames, remove legs from lounges and other such items they will take up less room.

Plan your storage, heavy items at the bottom, fragile items on top,, items you do not need access to store towards the back of your storage area, use all available area, including the height of the storage area.

Label all your cartoons, make a list and maybe even a plan as to where you have stored particular boxes so you can find them easily.

Ask us for advice, we are always happy to assist.