Self Storage Lalor

Self Storage Lalor

If you don’t seem to have a reliable and bona fide self storage solution and are In need of a secure self-storage system. Then Shield self storage system provides you with what you want. Shield Self Storage serves residents of Lalor and provides you with easy, convenient and secures storage solutions to conserve space. We provide you with years of experience in, storage solutions for offices, homes etc. within an earshot.


Self-Storage Lalor dispenses,

  • Shipping of your goods
  • Packaging (that keeps your goods intact for later usage)
  • Surveillance (24 by 7 cameras and CC TV footage)
  • Security (of your material and belongings)

Execution of service

We give you a proper framework for your storage and deposits your material in observation because the security of your goods is our number one priority. We not only supply storage units  but also manage your things under experienced supervision.
Shield storage provides you with security.

We take great care of your privacy and security. It’s one of our top trades and is the reason because of which we have the best reputation amongst all other storage firms in Melbourne. We are one of the top notch and most renowned local storage facility. Self Storage Lalor is convenient for use and close to you so that you can make the best usage of our facility. Gone are the days when people used to clump up their old belongings and couldn’t make way for new ones. At the end of the day it is not all about money; it is about getting the right value and service for the money you spend. We want your experience with us the best you have yet had.

  • Your material is secured with your own personal Lock and Key.Storage Space Campbellfield
  • All of your personal belongings are given a secured place of their own.
  • Surveillance is provided to your goods 24 by 7.
  • Our storage containers are customized and made with great care; this offers protection form the harsh climatic changes.
  • Safe and secure packaging so that your goods get the care they deserve.

We do understand the unspoken needs of our customers and provide them with extra care and attention they need so that they can rest assured of the fact that their goods are at a safe place. Our staff is friendly and ever ready to lend a helping hand so that you might not feel like a miss place with is. Thought we run a storage facility we can proudly say that you would feel like at home.
We also provide our costumer with some extras, these extras are listed below.

  • We provide you with a compartment made up of concrete and steel.
  • The right kind of Packaging equipment so that you don’t have to go running around to make sure that your goods are safely packed.
  • Storage Boxes of all sizes and types for any kind of material that you would like to store.
  • The Shipping of your material.

Call us today on (03) 9357 5916 and get to know more about our storage spaces and units. Book for more months and get upto 2 month of free spaces.